Other Services

Let us gather together to create a special moment in time, set aside specifically to reflect on the triumphs, to share the meaningful, and shoulder the sorrows of our lives.


We absolutely believe that rituals change lives.  Rites of passage are an important part of human life, whether you are a member of a church, consider yourself “spiritual but not religious,” or perhaps practice no faith at all.


It is wonderful when our loved ones gather with us to celebrate our greatest happiness, or to stand beside us to alleviate our deepest pain. Our joys are multiplied and our sorrows divided when we come together in order to celebrate and honor, to remember, and share.


While our website is primarily devoted to weddings, it would be my pleasure and an honor to assist you with child dedications and baptisms, memorial services and funerals, or any other ritual for which you feel my background in ministry and counseling would be helpful.

Rituals strengthen our deepest ties to those we love!

Please note: I do not charge set fees for the ministerial services listed above.

There’s more than one way to tie the knot!